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Buffalo Boot Camp for Women


Buffalo's # 1 Women's Fat Loss Boot Camp


1434  Hertel Ave., Buffalo NY
Terry Stokes: (716) 603-5251


What's different about BuffCamp?

Buffcamp is different from other bootcamps because the workouts are designed to burn body fat using resistance exercises combined with cardio in one workout.  Many other 'bootcamp' workouts consist of ineffective exercises that look good, the problem is that it may be hard to distinguish between effective exercises and exercises that just look good. At buffcamp we don't care how an exercise looks... all that matters is how good it works!


BuffCamp Online Membership Site

Can't make it to BuffCamp? .....No problem!
Now you can do BuffCamp workouts at your own gym ...or in your home
The 12 week step-by-step BuffCamp course designed to get you in the best shape of your life

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