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Franklin Mint




About The Franklin Mint

The Franklin Mint

Few companies in the entire world have touched the lives of more people than The Franklin Mint.

For more than 45 years, the world’s leading private mint has created works of fine art, magnificent objets d'art and treasured collectibles that not only bring us joy, but enhance our lives as we share their beauty and significance with family and friends.

The Franklin Mint was founded in 1964 when it began striking legal tender coins for foreign countries, as well as commemorative medallions, casino tokens and precious metal ingots. Eventually, the product line was expanded to include the sculptures, deluxe games, precision die-cast models, beautiful collector dolls and more sought-after collectibles for which the Mint is now world famous.

Throughout its history, the Mint’s gifted artists and artisans have built a reputation based firmly on an uncompromising commitment to excellence, attention to detail and a vibrant spirit of innovation that continues to set industry standards. The fruits of their talents are evident in every creation that bears the company’s prestigious mintmark.

Through the years, The Franklin Mint has achieved enormous success with the introduction of some of the best-selling collectibles ever issued, including the Civil War Chess Set, Monopoly®: The Collector’s Edition, the spectacular scale re-creation of the Harley-Davidson® Heritage Softail® Classic—as well as scoring huge successes with an array of products authorized by General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Paramount Studios and the Smithsonian Institution, to name just a few.

Success, however, is not determined by numbers alone. The real measure is in the way Franklin Mint creations enrich the lives of the people who own them—the realization that they possess works of unparalleled quality, artistry and craftsmanship to enjoy, display and pass on to future generations with pride. It is to this end that The Franklin Mint will always be passionately devoted.

The Franklin Mint

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Franklin Mint Collectible Art


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