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What is Hoopnosis?

Founded in Buffalo, Ny USA Feb.2009, Hoopnosis is a versatile company offering exciting services in entertainment, health and wellness, and the arts, for people of all ages and backgrounds.  Speacializing in hoop goal crafting, hoop dance and fire arts instruction, and flow arts performance with regular, LED, and fie props.  Traveling both nationally and internationally, Hoopnosis has experience teaching and performing for a range of audiences and functions.  The goal is to share this unique business and it's services everywhere possible!  While counting to provide and inspire programs in this area of the country; specifically Western NY( Rhere the Fire Faery was born and raised and Hoopnosis Started!)

Performance Packages Looking for unique entertainment for your special event!? Whether you need a bartender, fire performer, birthday clown, or a model, Hoopnosis offers it all!  Including an occasion your guests won't forget!  There’s a packages to fit everyone’s needs!     Hoopnosis Funtime Package: $60 hr./2 hr. min.  Typically for day time events (without fire).  I perform to fun music with colorfully decorated hoops, and other fun props such as poi, and fabric fans!    Ideal for birthdays, all ages and children’s events, and more! I have costumes such as clown, pirate, and others to fit the theme of any event while offering fun variety for the crowd! I make some hoops and other flow toys available for use and interaction.  Party/event plans and types of hoops made available can vary for different age ranges and types of events (fitness hoops, indoor, outdoor, birthdays, bachelorettes, etc.)     *Hourly rate for each package doesn't constitute total cost.  Transportation expenses & other fees apply.  Travel expense is $.60 per mile.  Hourly rate is negotiable in certain circumstances; such as fundraising events and can be discussed

Fire Performance Pricing Fire dancing (also known as "fire twirling," "fire spinning," "fire performance," or "fire manipulation") is a group of performance arts or disciplines that involve manipulation of objects on fire. Typically these objects have one or more bundles of wicking, which are soaked in fuel and ignited.  Some of these disciplines are related to juggling or baton twirling (both forms of object manipulation), and there is also an affinity between fire dancing and rhythmic gymnastics. Fire dancing is often performed to music. Fire dancing has been a traditional part of cultures from around the world, and modern fire performance often includes visual and stylistic elements from many traditions. Fire dancing is a very dangerous performance art, and fire safety precautions should always be taken.    -Wikipedia.  Free Encyclopedia     Hoopnosis Fire Faery Show     Fire manipulation has inherent risks. Therefore, safety, careful planning, and focus are required to create a show that’s both sensational and safe. These are some of the aspects of what I offer and elements of costs to help understand what fire performance and pricing entails.      Risk- The greatest cost to a fire artist is the risk to one's self.  Fire eating, for example, can cause fatal injury and is among extremely dangerous acts like fire breathing and sword swallowing.  Fire manipulation is an art to be respected, and as such so should the performers when negotiating payment.  Cost- There are numerous expenses in fire performing some examples include but are not limited to:  Performance fuel: $10-$14 per gallon  (approx. one gallon used every hour)  Fuel for travel, hiring safeties, & equipment such as fire extinguishers  Permits; which are often costly. The application process can also be difficult & time consuming   Safety- I'm NYS EMT certified and insured to protect myself, others, and the performance area(s).  I am insured for fire performance.  I perform to the standards of the NAFAA and OSHA adhereing to the NFPA 160 guidelines for open flame performance set by most fire departments.  I utilize my medical background in planning and during performances.  I've practiced as a fire safety and have performed with multiple fire artists at a time.  For solo performances I use 1-2 safeties.  For group performances 1 safety per performer +1 to oversee fuel and equipment area.   Planning- I provide: performers insurance if needed, wardrobe, music if needed, fire props and tools, fuel, safety provisions, performance area layout, and a show your guests will love! I can design a show to compliment different themes and events.  Transportation- Travel costs to and from the event are incorporated into booking pricing.  Set Up- I provide: fuel, fueling area, fire safety materials such as flame retardant towels, MSDS sheets for fuel and chemical info, fire extinquishers, medical supplies such as first aid kits, & a pre-planned performance area layout. This is to ensure maximum safety for the audience and surroundings. Performance- I craft a show suited for the age demographic or type of event. Incorporating interaction to give a sense of connection; your guests will surely be satisfied. Make your next gathering stand out from all the rest with an experience everyone will remember.             Credentials   EMT certification, busking license, performers insurance Fire use approval from:  I have worked with:  Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, Gowanda, Wilson, & Buffalo NY's fire departments as well as Bridgeport, CT.  Indoor Performances for:  Paradise.  Salamanca, NY.  Hotel Lafayette.  Buffalo, NY.  Ukrainian Center.  Buffalo, NY & Amherst Community Church.  Amherst, NY.           I've performed both indoors and out and for music and art festivals and other events around the country.  Formulating show for all ages, I believe hoop dance and fire shows can be both family fun and  quality adult entertainment.  Incorporating crowd interaction and safety reviews for younger audiences before shows is important to me.  My goal is to promote the mental and physical health benefits of hoop dance and fire dance while advocating and teaching the necessary safety.  I use a variety of fire props including, but not limited to: palm torches, fire fans, fire hoop, fire umbrella, fire head dress, and fire eating!  Combining the use of these fabulous fire acts and tools, fun outfits, and music to create a fun, unique open flame performance.  Hourly Rate:  All age shows:  $150.   Minimum half hour show length rate                           Adult entertainment:  $250.  Minimum hour show length     Note: Additional costs such as permits are the responsibility of the client, but I do personally contact the FD and handle filing.  For all shows, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of total costs is due at time of booking. Acceptable forms of payment: cash or money order.  Checks will only be accepted 6 weeks prior to event date.  Hourly rate does not constitute total cost.  Hourly rate is negotiable in some cases (such as fundraising events).  *Adult shows and content are for mature audiences only.  Viewer discretion is advised. Individuals booking adult oriented shows must be over 18 years of age with valid identification.  Individuals booking such shows do so under the agreement all attendees are over 18 years of age.  NO minors are permitted at adult shows at any time for any reason.  Violation of agreement will result in cancellation of show(s).    I reserve the right to refuse service(s) to anyone for any reason and to cancel a show if the booking party does not meet requirements including but not limited to: providing safe environment to perform, provide necessary identification, does not meet age restrictions when applicable.  Also, while hooping, glow, and fire performing can be formulated into show for all ages, fire performing should never be attempted under the influence or unsupervised, by anyone under 21 years of age, or anyone who is not a trained professional.  Never attempt any fire related acts without proper training first.  Supervision is recommended for children under age 13 using hoops or other flow & glow toys

Available for Your Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, Bachelor & Bachelorette Party, Bar/Lounge, Casino, Club/NiteClub, Concert Venue, Conventions and much more!! For more information and booking your show call 716-812-9171

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Insurance Information In addition to New York State EMT certification I'm fully insured; the policy information is as follows:   The Performers of the US insurance program is designed for the individual who is entertaining the public. The policy provides protection against bodily injury or property damage to a spectator during your performance.  Things To Know:  Coverage is under the association's Master Policy.  Certificates of Insurance are sent out from the Master Policy.  There is no charge for certificates naming the venue where you are working as an additional insured.  The policy renews every April 25th.  Policy provides coverage throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Audience participation is NOT ALLOWED when performing with fire, knives or a bullwhip.     The shared policy limits of coverage for all members are as follows:  Each Occurrence:  $3,000,000  (bodily injury&property damage to others)  Damage to Rented Premises:  $100,000  (to rented premises)  Personal & Advertising Injury:  $3,000,000  (hurting someone's feelings)  General Aggregate:  $5,000,000  (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year)  Products – Completed Op. Agg.:  $5,000,000  (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year)  Medical Expenses:  $5,000  (emergency medical)     Certificate Information:  No charge for certificates naming the venue where you are working for as an additional insured.     Carrier Ratings:  Coverage is provided by Lexington Insurance Company, a carrier rated A (excellent)  Deductible: Zero



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